Man. acres left unseeded at deadline

Farmers in various regions of Manitoba remained unable to seed some acres due to excess moisture by Monday’s deadline to file claims on those acres.

Manitoba Agricultural Service Corp. (MASC), the provincial crop insurance agency, had set June 22 as its deadline for farmers to file excess moisture claims without a penalty attached.

The final deadline to file such claims, with penalties attached of up to $500, is June 30.

In the Interlake, the region between Lakes Manitoba and Winnipeg, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) said in its Monday crop report that unseeded acres remain in the northern RMs of Bifrost, Fisher and Armstrong, as well as in the areas around Winnipeg Beach and Oak Hammock Marsh.

In parts of the Interlake where farmers were able to seed early, however, soil crusting is now hindering crop emergence, the province said.

In the northwest (Dauphin/Swan River), the province said, seeding is complete “where field conditions allowed,” but unseeded acres remain.

Also, in the south-central area west of the Red River, the province reported that “a small number of acres will not be seeded due to excess moisture.”

In that region, the province said Monday, farmers are now “examining their options,” including seeding greenfeed crops and thinking about their weed control requirements.

In the southeast (east of the Red River, including Steinbach and Niverville), the province reported Monday that seeding is “nearly complete” as a spell of sunny, warm weather allowed for “substantial” progress. The warm weather and “ample supply of soil moisture” accelerated crop development.

In the southwest (Brandon/Virden), thundershowers over the weekend brought 10 to 25 cm of rain to some areas, but the majority of the region is still rated as dry, the province said. Hayland and pasture are faring poorly in the region due to dry conditions and, on pastures, early grazing pressure.


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