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N.S. to back “local food” infrastructure

Nova Scotia’s government has set up a fund to support development of “local food” systems.

The province will provide $2.3 million over three years to fund “strategic infrastructure” and development initiatives that “enhance industry competitiveness, market access and direct marketing methods.”

“This funding will develop the roots between rural and urban food systems, and support marketing initiatives,” Agriculture Minister Brooke Taylor said in a release Friday.

The province said its investment “will make it easier and more convenient to buy local foods” and will “complement” its current food marketing programs, Select Nova Scotia and Taste of Nova Scotia.

The money will come from the Community Development Trust Fund, a $34.9 million fund established in Nova Scotia by the federal government to help communities and sectors experiencing economic challenges.

“Creating new local food networks will help sustain and expand our rural economy,” said Economic Development Minister Angus MacIsaac, whose department will split the $2.3 million bill with the provincial ag department.

Local food networks “encourage farmers and other food producers to become involved in innovative new business ventures to bring their foods more directly to consumers,” he said.


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