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Quebec wraps up public hearings on farming

Quebec’s Commission on the future of agriculture and agri-food in the province has wrapped up over a year of hearings across the province, the government announced today.

Now comes the next big step: compiling all they’ve heard into recommendations for the provincial government in a report due in January.

Since it was called to order in June 2006, the commission has held provincial-scale and regional-scale hearings and round tables on its targeted themes, hearing presentations directly from about 750 people, the province said in a release.

Commissioners travelled to 15 regions and 27 municipalities and concluded with hearings in both Montreal and Quebec City at the end of September. They also received over 700 written submissions, the province added.

The commission’s role now is to provide the basis for a new vision of development for farming and agri-food in view of future challenges, the province said.

Thanking key industry players and public interest groups for their participation, Agriculture Minister Laurent Lessard said the exercise offered concrete proof that farming, as a topic, can arouse the interest and thoughts of the general public.


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