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Bone Pile Butte

Pages of history from Canadian Cattlemen, Sept. 1948

Bone Pile Butte
By E.J. (Bud) Cotton, Calgary, Alta.

‘”Bone Pile Butte” situated in the old Buffalo Park at Wainright, Alberta, just a few miles east of Battle River, could tell stories of great buffalo herds and Indian hunters if it could only speak; of buffalo herds that roamed the Alberta Plains in the distant past and travelled down the long trail to be decimated by both red and white men until the noble animal was threatened with ultimate extinction.

Then from 1909 to 1940, buffalo again trod the grass-grown trails and dug out the crumbling wallows of their forefathers. The Battle River hills rumbled with the thunder of the mating bulls in mid-summer and the old Butte looked on and smiled as drumming hoofs and dust clouds once more tore through that long forgotten Valley as the park riders trailed through with the buffalo on the annual round-up.’

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