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Dennis Leo (Bub) Gaff

Pages of history from Canadian Cattlemen, June 1946

Dennis Leo (Bub) Gaff
T.L. Shepherd, West Plains, Saskatchewan

‘It was the year of 1876, the date of the Custer Massacre, that our friend Dennis Leo Gaff was born. He was the oldest son of the late James A. (Dad) Gaff of Govenlock, Sask. Soon he was followed by two sisters who later became Mrs. Minor and Mrs. John Boone. Being the only boy among the two girls, he was known as Brother, which was soon shortened to “Bub”.

This affectionate nick-name he carried until the time of his death in the tragic Maple Creek Hospital fire late last fall. He just lacked two months of reaching the Biblical age of “three scores and ten” or seventy years.

We haven’t a complete record of his early life and adventures. But he couldn’t deny that he met with a few accidents, as he carried the results of some of them for the rest of his life.’

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