History: $20,000.00 reward: Bill Minor Captured – Pt. 1

Reprinted from the July 1952 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

$20,000.00 reward: Bill Minor Captured – Pt. 1
By C.G. Steffens, Kelowna, B.C.

Corporal J.T. Browning of the North West Mounted, looked at this watch and decided it was still a little early for lunch. “Guess I’ll take a walk over to the depot,” he mused, “and find out what’s come over the wires today.” The C.P.R. station agent, who was also the telegraph operator in the little town of Cochrane, Alberta, was a friend of his. Apart from this, however, he was also the man source of current events, having, so to speak, the latest news at his finger tip.

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