History: $20,000.00 reward: Bill Minor Captured – Pt. 2

Reprinted from the August 1952 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

$20,000.00 reward: Bill Minor Captured – Pt. 2 (concluding instalment)
By C.G. Steffens, Kelowna, B.C.

‘The lone Indian rider emerged from the heavy fir timber that he had been meandering through for the past hour, and rode out into the open onto a low grassy ridge. Ahead of a vista of green hills, patched here and there with cottonwood bluffs and slashed by shallow willow-filled ravines, held a promise of easier going. He kicked his moccasined heels into the horse’s ribs and was about to bring the stick he carried down on its rump, when he paused. Then suddenly, hauling his mount to an abrupt stop and holding the bridle lines tight to prevent the horse champing the bit, the Indian straightened into rigid attention. For the space of a dozen seconds or more, man and animal where as silent and as motionless as a granite boulder.’

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