History: Another hard winter story

Reprinted from the March 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Another hard winter story

Another Hard Winter Story
By Cecil H. Stockdale, Maple Creek, Sask.

‘Winter as I remember it, started on about November 20th and continued without much of a letup until well into March, 1907. Snow got to be over four feet deep and badly crusted and if records were kept, I consider that January 1907 was the coldest month ever seen in that district, and the crew couldn’t haul the hay as it blew a blizzard every day and they couldn’t reach the stacks. They used a four-horse team, which would not face the wind on numerous occasions.

During January and February cattle piled up on top of one another in the brush along the river to keep warm and in the mornings they couldn’t move, as their legs were frozen solid. We put a lot of them out of their misery by clubbing them with an axe.’

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