History: B. C. Rancher Picks Peavine Valley

Reprinted from the January 1952 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Les Gilmore and herd in Peavine Valley.

B. C. Rancher Picks Peavine Valley
By A. J. Dalrymple, Vancouver, B. C.

‘When the pioneers were pushing northward through the Cariboo to the gold bars of the Fraser, the Horsefly River, the diggings of Barkerville, and other points, they crossed two streams just beyond Williams Lake; and with the grim humor of the day, they named one Whiskey Creek, and the other Soda Creek.

Soda Creek was the northern terminus of the Royal Engineers’ Cariboo road, and the trail in those days led down from the rolling hills to the shores of the Fraser where travellers boarded stern-wheelers for northern points.’

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