History: Calgary – the Heart of the West

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Calgary in 1875 from a painting by an old trader. This photo in a Calgary Special Edition of “The Dominion Illustrated” published in Toronto, June 28th, 1890.

Calgary – the Heart of the West
By Lorne Stout, Calgary, Alta.

‘Seventy-five years! Just a life span for a man, and for a City. Calgary this Summer marking its 75th birthday, ranks as one of the youngest cities on the continent, but has attained a prominence far outreaching its age or size. Heart of the ranching West, home of the Stampede, Oil Capital of Canada, famed as the Gateway to the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper; for natural gas, coal, cattle, oil and the Chinook and sunshine… It’s the city of the foothills, with a heart as big as all outdoors; a city that four times in four years has put teams in the Dominion finals of hockey and football for the Allan and Grey Cups, and won them twice. Calgary – the name is magic in Toronto (mud in Edmonton).’

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