History: Chief Justice William C. Ives, “The Cowboy Judge”

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Judge "Billy" Ives on the Lazy A Ranch near Pearce, Alberta.

Chief Justice William C. Ives, “The Cowboy Judge”
By Guy Weadick, High River, Alta.

‘”He’s a top hand!” That expression is the highest degree that can be conferred on a cowpuncher on anybody’s range, in the sure-enough cow-country. It denotes about as near perfection as can ever be expected.

Through the years that he spent on the Alberta range, when it was open and wide, “Billy” Ives as he was and still is affectionately known by his countless friends, enjoyed that title – just as in after years he was regarded in the legal profession of Western Canada, under the dignified title of “Mr. Justice William C. Ives of the Alberta Supreme Court.”‘

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