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History: Cosley, Trapper and Guide Extraordinary, Pt. 1

Reprinted from the August 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Cosley, Trapper and Guide Extraordinary, Pt. 1
By Julia Nelson, Mountain View, Alberta

‘After an eight-day search through the northern wilds of Saskatchewan, Constable J. McLeod and his Indian guide entered a trappers’ log cabin 400 miles north of Prince Albert. This was on October 12, 1944. They found that Joe Clarence Cosley had dramatized his own miserable death as fully and effectively as he had his 74 years of vibrant, enthusiastic living. The last of his hundreds of stories had plot, suspense, and a gripping climax. In the diary lying near his bones he had not written: “I am dying of scurvy.” He told instead of a sinister curse, creeping and deadly, visited by some unknown power upon this lonely house.’

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