History: Early History of Medicine Hat

Reprinted from the March 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Early History of Medicine Hat

Early History of Medicine Hat
By W. Henry McKay, Gen. Del., Calgary, Alta.

‘The first stores in Medicine Hat were all tents in 1883, on the present site of Riverside Park. I do not know in what order they were opened by the following merchants: Mr. William Cousins, Mr. Tweed and Mr. James Hargrave.

Mr. Cousins had some daughters and a son named Gerald. As the young man grew up his father soon saw that standing behind a counter and waiting on people did not suit him so he bought Gerald some cattle and a few horses and settled him at Petrified Coulee, about 20 miles south of Medicine Hat, so that he could follow the life that appealed to him.’

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