History: Foot and Mouth Disease in Saskatchewan

Reprinted from the April 1952 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Foot and Mouth Disease in Saskatchewan
By Dr. D. T. Childs, Veterinary Director General of Canada

‘The manner or means by which foot and mouth disease was introduced into Saskatchewan his not been definitely established. In that connection, diligent investigation does not indicate the disease was introduced with imported susceptible animals. However, considering the nature of the virus, particularly its power of survival outside the bodies of susceptible animals, together with the celerity by which modern methods of transportation may establish contact as between countries where foot and mouth disease is endemic and countries in which the disease has not heretofore been present, such as Canada, the possibility of the virus being introduced by means of contaminated clothing or personal effects of travellers, tourists, or immigrants coming direct to Canada from countries where the disease is endemic, cannot be disregarded.’

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