History: Macleod marks a milestone

Reprinted from the June 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

vintage newspaper article

Macleod Marks a Milestone
By Freda Smith Mudiman, R.C.M. Police Barracks, Lethbridge, Alta.

‘In 1870 the new Dominion of Canada purchased it (Macleod) from the Mother Country. Up until then the southern part of the Canadian prairies was but a huge buffalo pasture, the grass brought the buffalo and the buffalo brought the Indians – among whom were 10,000 Blackfeet, the Terror of the Plains.

The buffalo and the Indians brought traders – mainly in the ten years prior to 1874 and principally from the south. Three to four hundred of them swarmed onto the Canadian prairies during this period to purchase buffalo hides and wolf skins for shipment down the Missouri to St. Louis.’

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