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History: Memories of Scottish Stables and Royal Riders

Reprinted from the July 1952 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Geo. A. Lamond.

Memories of Scottish Stables and Royal Riders
(As recalled by George Andrew Lamond of Vauxhall, Alberta) Mrs. S.E. Warren, Vauxhall, Alta.

‘Beside the gravelled highway that runs through the little town of Vauxhall an Alberta old-timer lives alone with this memories. Seated in the old armchair his wife occupied until she passed away a couple of years ago and listening to his radio, the past returns in vivid colors as he hears of the death and funeral of King George VI. For he mourns our late king rather as a friend than a monarch. He was one of a very few Canadians who knew the King in his boyhood, when he was known as Prince Albert.’

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