History: Modern Horse Training – Pt. 2

Reprinted from the February 1951 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Modern Horse Training, Pt. 2
By Jack Sproule, Calgary, Alta.

‘In the January issue I pointed out, showing the necessary equipment, how to catch a horse by this system. By now those interested will have had time to prepare the equipment.

Before catching there are a few little things which mean quite a lot to which I would like to draw the trainer’s attention.

First there is the importance of the different breeds of horses. The light, well-bred horses are of the hot-blooded type. The thing to guard against is nervous excitability. This also applies to colts. Always think of a colt that is not over a year and a half old as being in the same state of mind as a child of two years or less, in one particular respect. At this age none of them realize the danger of a fall. This is the reason why so many colts throw themselves.’

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