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History: Old Cow-Wagon Days

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Gordon (Happy Jack) Johnson, deceased 1945, onetime manager of the Mexico Ranch at Steveville, Alta., which was owned by Lord Beresford. Photo taken about 1915.

Old Cow-Wagon Days
By E. J. (Bud) Cotton, 2022 – 27th St. S.W., Calgary, Alta.

‘The summer of 1909 found us with our chuck wagon drifting a herd of beef steers among the coulees and flats of the Kneehill and Rosebud creeks in Alberta. We had picked the herd up early that spring from the winter feed grounds around the Campbell Ranche, East of Didsbury. New corrals and a dip had been erected and after giving the steers the inevitable sulphur bath we drifted them out south for the open spaces.’

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