History: Pathfinding Beyond the Peace (conclusion)

Reprinted from the December 1951 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The ‘D. A. Thomas’ carried settlers and trading supplies up the Peace to Fort St. John. She also took out settlers’ produce and livestock.

Pathfinding Beyond the Peace
By Philip H. Godsell, F.R.G.S. , Former Inspecting Officer for the Hudson’s Bay Company

‘Leaving the Fontas River we paddled to Fort Nelson, and hundred miles to the northward where I found Mr. Hooker of the Hudson’s Bay Company. After vainly attempting to negotiate a swift Sickannie Chief River and push on to the Fontas with the diesel-engined Liard River, he’d thrown up his hands and was about to return to Fort Simpson after dumping the “outfit” of trading goods for the Fontas post on the muddy river bank. Faced with the problem of getting these goods to their destination somehow and rearing a new trading post at the mouth of the Fontas, I had no alternative but to camp for the time being at Fort Nelson.’

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