History: Progressive Stock Farming in Manitoba

Reprinted from the September 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Purebred Shorthorns at the Richardson Stock Farms, Kelburn, near St. Norbert, Man.

Progressive Stock Farming in Manitoba
By Mrs. Douglas Mackay, 1038 Grain Exchange, Winnipeg, Manitoba

‘Kelburn, Briarmeade and Lakevue: these are the principal Richardson Stock Farms, youngest (1944) department of the oldest (1857) family grain firm in Canada. Under a new trading name and the management of the veteran George H. Jones, they represent the policy initiated by the firm’s fifth president, Mrs. James A. Richardson, of concentrating the family’s western farms within a short distance of the head offices of Richardson & Sons, Limited, and its associated companies. Briarmede and Kelburn on either side of the Red River south of Winnipeg, are only a few minutes’ drive from Portage and Main streets. Lakevue Ranch, north-northwest of the city, can be reached in an hour.’

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