History: Russell’s Oils Eye-Opener to the East

Reprinted from the February 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Russell’s Oils Eye-Opener to the East

History: Russell’s Oils Eye-Opener to the East
By WM. Bleasdell Cameron, Meadow Lake, Sask.

‘Back in the Cascade, after covering the northern states to the Coast as well as southern British Columbia, Russell met with me with smiling and open-handed friendliness. I was more than gratified to learn that – Mrs. Russell agreeing – he had concluded to have his work brought prominently before the public, with added publicity from write-ups, through the medium of “Field and Stream” at the stipulated price of fifteen dollars each painting. I immediately drew up a Contract and Agreement in duplicate to which Russell affixed his signature. Under it I wrote my name, “on behalf of myself and for ‘Field and Stream’,” and Mamie, his wife, signed as witness. The original of this historic document is still in my possession and a photostatic copy accompanies this article.’

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