History: S. M. Mace and his Anxiety 4th Herefords

Reprinted from the March 1952 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

S. M. Mace and his Anxiety 4th Herefords
By Bert Sheppard, Longview, Alta.

‘E. A. Cartwright, early day cattleman of the D Ranch, Pekisko, past president of the Western Stock Growers’ Association and friend and admirer of S. M. Mace since they first met in 1902, had intended to write this article. Frank Watt of High River had procured some interesting data in Colorado with regard to Mr. Mace. Mr. Cartwright, Mr. Watt and I had planned a visit to Arthur Crawford-Frost’s to gather information. Regrettably, both Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Watt passed away this summer, so I felt it was up to me to take pen to hand.’

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