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History: Stories in stone

Reprinted from the August 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The above collection was derived from the interior of British Columbia.

Stories in stone
By Frank Fleming, Calgary, Alta.

‘A peaceful stillness hangs heavily over the land. Through the forested mountain slopes range the grizzly, the elk, moose and mountain goat. The white man has not yet arrived in the country and the interior of British Columbia is still the exclusive home of a primitive people, the redman or Amer-indian.

While we know little of these early inhabitants our imagination can fill in many gaps from a sketchy history laboriously carved in stone – household implements, wagons, and crude tools. Remnants of these early people have the power to transport the beholder centuries back, into a world strange and exciting. One of the best collections of these Indian artifacts – stories in stone – is possessed by Dr. W. Leonard of Trail, B.C.’

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