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History: The Outlaws of the Cariboo

Reprinted from the September 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Outlaws of the Cariboo
By P. W. Luce, Vancouver, B.C.

‘Suicide Valley is the ominous name of a place four miles south of Clinton, a town of considerable importance in the gold days of the Cariboo. Some unremembered prospector hanged himself there long ago, but today the sheltered spot might well be called Double Murder Valley.

It was there that Moses Paul battered the life out of Alexander Whyte, an American tramp teamster, and it was there that Moses Paul and his fellow outlaw, Paul Spintlum, split the head of Chew Wye, an old Chinese wood cutter.

Twenty miles north, the outlaws shot and killed Constable Alexander Kindness.’

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