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History: Trail to Sounding Lake, Pt. 2

Reprinted from the November 1950
 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Trail to Sounding Lake (concluding instalment)
By Margaret V. Watt, 748 East 60th Ave., Vancouver, B.C.

‘In the days that followed, our caravan was often the only object on the landscape. After a time, however, homesteaders’ sod shacks with their roof gardens of lambs’ quarters two feet tall, began to appear and as we continued northward became more numerous. While the majority of the homesteaders “bached”, they were not necessarily bachelors. A great many were husbands and fathers who, living thus, were laying the foundations of homes for wives and children yet in Eastern Canada, the United States or in the far-off British Isles. At times we saw mothers and children clustered in the doorways of the tiny dwellings, and as “ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing,” they waved their hands to us, and we waved in return.’

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