History: Weapons that Won the West – Part 5

Reprinted from the June 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Weapons that Won the West – Part 5

Weapons that Won the West
By D. R. King, High River, Alta.

‘In the year 1834 young Samuel Colt, later to be known as Colonel Colt, set up an armaments factory at Passaic Falls near Paterson, New Jersey. The power to run the works was drawn from the falls itself and the old factory was a landmark for many years. Colt’s company failed, in 1842, to the sum of $150,000; however, the first years were spent, in Colt’s own words, “gaining experience in gun manufacturing.” Naturally the original Colts were hand-loaded, the powder being poured in and the ball rammed home with a rod. The following is a reproduction of the printed instructions which accompanied each gun…’

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