History: Weapons That Won the West – Part 1

Reprinted from the January 1950 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Weapons That Won the West – Part 1

Weapons That Won the West
By D. R. King, High River, Alta.

‘It was one of those so-called “typical Alberta” days in the early summer of 1948. The Calgary Exploration Co., the seismograph outfit with which my friend Bob Cousins was powder man, had started work on a location near Edmonton. Close by their rig they came upon the remains of an abandoned N.W.M.P. post. Bob, being of an inquiring nature, spent some time wandering around the ruins. Near one corner he spotted a stake protruding from the ground. The fact of the stake being there did not arouse his curiosity so much as the queer shape of the stake… Upon closer examination he discovered that the “picket” was actually the much-rusted barrel of a rifle.’

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