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History: Wild Cattle of the Queen Charlotte Islands

Reprinted from the September 1951
 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Wild Cattle of the Queen Charlotte Islands
By P. W. Luce, Vancouver, B.C.

‘Canada has wild cattle. Every beef grower in the western provinces will agree to this without argument. He could, with considerable trouble, produce some of his own as evidence. His hired men could exhibit a few honorable scars as supplementary proof. But these cattle are not really “wild” in the true sense. They may roam freely on the outskirts of the range and pull through a hard winter without feeding, they may elude the fall round-up year after year, but in the end they will be corraled and turned into meat, if they are not run down and devoured by wolves or cougars. Nearly all these animals are branded, and they are individually owned.’

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