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Producer packer relationships

History pages from the March 1948 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Producer Packer Relationships
R.J. Dinning, President, Burns & Co. Ltd.

‘In attempting to say a few words to you perhaps I should first of all refer to the unfortunate, ill-advised and unnecessary six-week packing house strike last autumn. When negotiations opened in the early summer of 1947 the Companies made every effort to reach a settlement. However, quite early in the negotiations it became apparent a strike could not be averted. The head of the packinghouse Union was reported in the Globe and Mail of Toronto as making the following statement from a public platform on May 27, 1947:

“There is no other course than a strike if the Government sticks to its provincial policy. The packers will use it to force the use of a conciliator in every province. We cannot afford this. We will reject any proposal.

“I do not think that the Federal Government will move, but I think we can win a strike. I only hope the packers realize the same thing, but I am not too hopeful.”‘

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