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Record of Industry Controls, 1941-1944

Pages of history from Canadian Cattlemen, March 1948

Record of Industry Controls, 1941-1944

Record of Industry Controls, 1941-1944
By Kenneth Coppock, Secretary of the Western Stock Grower’s Association

‘The “Beef Situation” is once more in the limelight. In 1942 it was also a matter of public concern. Then officials of the Wartime Prices and Trade Board and the Eastern press constantly referred to beef shortages and by direct statements and inferences were successful in creating in the public mind the impression that the cattleman was unpatriotically withholding his cattle from the market.

Today the burden of another beef situation rests heavily upon the cattlemen with depressed prices and an uncertain outlook for the future worrying him. It is only right that the public generally should know the story of beef as experienced and lived by the producers. So let us look to the record and start from the beginning.’

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