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The forgotten pioneers

History pages from the June 1948 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Forgotten Pioneers
By Mary Terrill, Medicine Hat, Alta.

‘They are the forgotten pioneers of the Canadian Northwest – they are as old as early settlement and as young as today’s news – they are “knocked,” lauded, respected, and derided, yet every day, year in and year out, they start from scratch to build up a volume of current happenings, public trends, and movements hourly at work to mold the world. And every day, as regular as the clock, they place the completed record in the hands of the rank and file.

These forgotten pioneers – these unsung “originals” are Alberta’s pioneer newspapers. As far as this writer can ascertain, only four are operating today – the Edmonton Bulletin, 1880, the Macleod Gazette, 1882, the Calgary Herald, 1883, and the Medicine Hat Daily News, 1885.’

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