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The North-West Passage by Land: Part 1

Pages of history from Canadian Cattlemen, March 1948

Grasslands are a resilient and often overlooked opportunity for carbon sequestration but they could play a critical role in Canada.

The North-West Passage by Land
By Lord Milton and Dr. Cheadle

‘Pick up a newspaper, or almost any paper, these days and one is confronted by such headlines as “British withdrawing from Malaya” or “Britain leaving Egypt”. Almost everywhere our Empire seems to be contracting. But this was not always the case. Up to within the turn of the century it was always the other side of the story. The British people were penetrating, exploring and settling in every corner of the globe.

One of the most interesting and amazing such stories concerns the adventures of a young British nobleman and his friend, a young Doctor, who felt called on to explore the Canadian North-West Territories in the year 1865.’

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