The North-West Passage by Land: Part 2

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Grasslands are a resilient and often overlooked opportunity for carbon sequestration but they could play a critical role in Canada.

The North-West Passage by Land
By Lord Milton and Dr. Cheadle

‘They had stayed overnight with their party at Portage la Prairie – the western boundary of the Red River Settlement – and the following day they travelled through a fine and undulating country, full of lakes and marshes thronged with wild fowl, and studded with pretty bluffs of poplar. The date was the 24th of August; the year 1862.

Each day was like the one before. The riders jogged dreamily along and shot at geese and ducks in the lakes or prairie grouse in the copses. Feathered game was so plentiful that they had no need to touch their little stock of pemmican. The following day they met a train of carts returning from Carlton to Red River. The man in charge of the outfit was the bearer of a note from Lord Dunmore who stated that he was lying ill at Fort Ellice and he requested Dr. Cheadle to come to his relief as quickly as possible.’

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