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VIDEO: High density cattle grazing

Circle H Ranch uses temporary fences, wires to manage pasture grazing

man in pasture with cattle

Along with his family, Brian Harper runs a cow-calf and breeding stock operation at Circle H farms, just west of Brandon, Man.

Earlier this year, Harper started a high density grazing program for his cattle using temporary fences and wires within an eight-acre paddock. An automatic gate opening system set to open at specific times of the day was used to restrict the cattle’s grazing area.

“We have a higher number of cattle, on a smaller piece of grass, for a short time,” says Harper. “It’s not near as much work as people think it is.”

The benefits to the grazing area are numerous: manure is spread more evenly, the soil is healthier, and the quality of grasses is better. The end result Harper hopes for? His cattle should have better weight gain with their improved foraging.

Hear more in the short video below recorded and edited by Manitoba Co-operator reporter Meghan Mast.

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