VIDEO: Keeping an eye on your livestock water supply

Ag in Motion 2018: Now, there's an app for that

For her presentation, “Keeping No. 2 out of your No. 1 water source,” at Ag in Motion last month, Alicia Sopatyk with Saskatchewan Agriculture spoke about options for livestock producers such as permanent or electric fencing to maintain a sustainable and clean water supply. But for a look in real time as to how that water supply is holding up, in many cases requires a drive out to the pasture to have a look. Enter the world of technology. Now there’s an app for your smartphone that that can save you the time and the trip.

In this video, Sopatyk talks about what producers should consider when choosing a livestock watering system and shows how a well-positioned camera connected to an app can give you a bird’s eye view of your cattle’s water situation.

Producers in Saskatchewan can learn more about the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program on the Saskatchewan Agriculture website (supported through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership).

Video by Greg Berg

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