Cattle identification agency refines its database

News Roundup from the December 2015 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) added a few new reporting fields to its Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) database, a key component in the national livestock traceability system.

As of November 20, the database now accepts 15-digit 840-series USDA tag identification (ID) numbers to keep track of imported animals as they move through the Canadian value chain. Once the tag number is imported into the database the Move In, Move Out, Temporary Export, Exported and Retired events can be applied to it. It also becomes incorporated into the Tag/Animal History Search, Export Manifest and Account Animal Inventory functions in the database.

In another refinement the agency’s IT team created a field for recording licence plate numbers of transport vehicles to fit within the Import, Export, Temporary Export, Move In and Move Out reporting functions within the database on the assumption it may be required under new national traceability regulations that were expected to be published sometime this year. Until the details of the regulations are finalized, IT manager Waseem Rehman says this new transport field remains optional for users.

Other efforts are going into improving the integrity of age-verification data within the database. Since current regulations permit only the farm of origin to age verify an animal, the final owner — often a feedlot — can receive less than market value for an incorrectly age-verified animal when it is sold, unless he can contact the original herd owner to correct the error in the database. “To promote accuracy during data entry, our IT group has created a new warning message display and date selection feature for the birth date reporting process,” says CCIA board chair Dr. Pat Burrage. “The hope is it will encourage the original owners to enter accurate information in order to optimize the final owner’s return and protect the integrity of the CLTS data.”

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