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PURELY PUREBRED – for Apr. 6, 2009

“The real rule of ‘Give and Take’ is: before you can take you gotta give.” — Jeffrey Gitomer

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The Canadian Angus Association recently unveiled a new association website. Check out their new look at have new menus, a new search feature, new pictures and more. Did you know that the Canadian Angus Association lists animals for sale on the Sale Catalogue page and Events Calendar on their website?

The Canadian Limousin Association has reached an agreement with NALF in the U. S. for the use of the name and trademark Lim-Flex in Canada. Starting soon, percentage Limousin cattle that meet the Lim-Flex criteria will be recognized on their certificate with the trademark logo Lim-Flex. The association is reminding breeders to request DNA testing on every bull that they intend to use for natural breeding. Pulling hair samples before they are turned out would avoid delays in getting the test done.

The Fullblood Fleckvieh Simmental Federation is getting organized to produce their annual 2009-2010 Membership Guide. The deadline for booking and ad material is June 1, and this year the ad sizes available will be page, page and full page with several prime pages available. If you are interested in this Guide, which was distributed with the September issue of Canadian Cattlemen last year, Faith Burton is the co-ordinator and can be contacted at (817)776-0346 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Have you heard about Farmsitters? Farmsitters is a program that links people willing to help the farming community with farmers and ranchers who need help. If you have been seriously injured, have been unable to find workers, or are simply in need of a vacation and need someone to look after your animals while you’re away, Farmsitters wants to help you. Visit www.agriconnect.comto learn more.

A number of people have seen the e-mail circulating on the Internet stat-

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