Coming Up in Canadian Cattlemen: March 2, 2020

A look at what's ahead in the March issue of the magazine.

Randy Stokke shares how his family managed an emergency protection order that was applied to their ranch in the March issue.

Dealing with an emergency protection order under the federal Species at Risk act is not exactly on most ranchers’ bucket lists. But when Randy and Terry Stokke found themselves in that exact situation, they managed to turn it into an opportunity to show how their grazing practices benefit wildlife. How did they do it? Find out in our cover story next month, penned by Piper Whelan.

With bull sale season still underway, Jeff Melchior writes about how seedstock producers feed young bulls. Melchior talked to Stephen Wielgosz and Dan Brundige about their goal weights in their respective feeding programs, as well as what and how they feed. Interestingly, both producers use CDC Super Oats in their programs.

And finally, Heather Smith Thomas talked to Dr. Paul Hardes about how to prevent, identify and manage scours. One thing Hardes notes is that herds that calve in the spring need to be checked for scours frequently, too, as warm weather speeds dehydration.

Spring really is just around the corner (I swear), and readers will also find the Forage and Grassland Guide in the March issue. If you’re not already a subscriber to the magazine, you can sign up today online.

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