Condolences to the Ballard family

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Earl Ballard. photo: Submitted

Earl Ballard’s name is synonymous with Simmental cattle. We’re sad to report that Earl Ballard passed away September 5 in Saskatoon. Ballard, a man best known for Lost River Ranches of Hanley, Sask., was one of the first importers of Simmental cattle into Canada. This achievement resulted in Ballard being inducted into the Canadian Simmental Association Hall of Fame in 2013. A real community person, Ballard served on the Lost River Municipality as councillor, president of the Sunny Valley Wheat Pool and the Saskatchewan and Canadian Simmental Association executives. After passing the farm operation on to the next generation Ballard opened up David’s Restaurant in Saskatoon where he became known for his friendly and welcoming nature.

Ballard loved to travel, starting with trips to cattle shows in Europe and South Africa, followed by travel across Asia, France and Belgium, and trips to Scotland. One especially memorable event was a trip to Peru in 2009 with three generations of family, trekking to Machu Pichu. At 85, Ballard became one of the oldest to complete the Inca Trail.

I have known Earl Ballard for a great many years and he always treated people with respect, whether he knew you or not. He always had a twinkle in his eye, was quick to laugh and I would say he was a “prince” of a man. In this day and age we can use more people like Earl Ballard. The world has lost a real ambassador!

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