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New products showcased at AIM

Equipment: News Roundup from the September 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Clear blue July skies welcomed a record 409 exhibitors and 25,787 visitors to the third year of Ag in Motion near Saskatoon.

Livestock Central, sponsored by BMO, forged ahead in its second year running with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture helping to put on a livestock and forage speaker series all three days, featuring Curt Pate on low-stress handling, and tours of cover crop plots sown earlier at the site, in conjunction with the popular exhibitor demonstrations of cattle handling, fencing and baling equipment.

What follows is a summary of some of the latest offerings from exhibitors flanking the Livestock Central lane.

Huber Ag Equipment at Coronation, Alta., featured the new heavy-duty 160-bushel 3in1 Feeder by Advantage Feeders designed specifically for control-feeding grain or pellets to all classes of cattle; up to five lbs./day for cows, three pounds for yearlings, and two pounds for calves. Cattle are able to lick grain from the groove between two adjustable plates as long as there is saliva on the tongue, typically five to 10 minutes at a time, encouraging short, frequent visits to the feeder between grazing or eating hay. Rumen pH stays balanced so animals use feed more efficiently, improving gains on less grain and forage. See the trial results at

Sundog Solar at Sundre, Alta., featured a new camera alarm system that can be mounted to the frame of its portable water trough fitted with one of the company’s solar-powered pumps for drawing water from wells and surface water sources. The camera sends photos of water in the trough twice a day to your cell phone for peace of mind that the system is operating as it should, especially when it is in a remote location. There are no setup costs or monthly charges (

Nester Livestock Equipment of Vulcan, Alta., showed the new wide-body Silencer hydraulic squeeze chute known for its quiet operation and control of the head and now capable of handling cattle weighing anywhere from 300 to 3,000 pounds. The Nesters announced that they have taken on the Canadian distributorship for Pearson Livestock Equipment of Nebraska. This system offers choice in headgate, side gate, end gate and length of chute in a full-on hydraulic model and a manual model with the option of adding the company’s manual hydraulic system that multiplies the operator’s effort by 10 times or more and increases head control without the need for electrical power (

Dairy Tech of Strathmore, Alta., showcased the Silostop lineup that includes an oxygen barrier film for use with the protective anti-UV cover. The barrier is a multi-layer lightweight film claimed to be 100 times more effective than plastic covers at eliminating surface spoilage, comparatively reducing dry-matter loss by as much as 20 per cent in the top metre of silage. The woven material of the reusable anti-UV cover allows wind to pass through without lifting the cover (

FastFence of Fort St. James, B.C., is the Canadian distributor of the STOCKade power fencing system offering the world’s first and only cordless fencing stapler, the ST400i. It was launched in Canada at 2016 Ag in Motion where it won the innovation and people’s choice awards. This year, FastFence demonstrated the Autoguide Post Master Vibrating Post Installer. This attachment fits directly onto the bucket pins of any excavator/digger, grasps the top of a post and vibrates it into place, or just as easily removes posts (

AgriMatics of Saskatoon, featured its new Libra TMR in this year’s Innovations Program. The dry-matter percentage of each feed ingredient is entered into the Libra TMR app to create rations. The hardware mounts onto the mixer and connects into the load cell to measure the exact weight of each ingredient going into the mixer and the amount fed out to each pen. The hardware wirelessly communicates with the app running on a mobile device in the cab. When connected to the internet, as-fed and dry-matter intake ration summaries that open with any spreadsheet software can be exported via email (

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