From the Pampas to the Prairies, 1872-1885: Part 1

Reprinted from the December 1947 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

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From the Pampas to the Prairies, 1872-1885: Part 1
C.D. LaNauze, Lacombe, Alta.

The author writes of his father, T.S. LaNauze:

‘By January 1874 he is on a place of his own and writes from Estancia Riheros:

“We got over the sheep to the Iedia Auga all right in three days and were fortunate in having good weather for camping out, crossing rivers, etc. Came back here immediately as we now have a flock of 1,700 sheep and have to commence our house in a few days, as soon as we can get one. We hope to put about 3,000 sheep and 2 or 3 hundred cattle on our camp, but have a great deal to do before we are settled; but hope after a year or so, if we have good increase amongst the flock, to get in a little money. We have to put up sheep and cattle corrals, so will have a good deal of expense at first, and will have great work in preventing the horses and cattle from ‘clearing out’ to their old abode till they get accustomed to the camp…” ‘

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