From the Pampas to the Prairies, 1872-1885: Part 4

Reprinted from the September 1948 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

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From the Pampas to the Prairies, 1872-1885: Part 4
C.D. LaNauze, Lacombe, Alta.

The author writes of his father, T.S. LaNauze:

‘It was not long before Dad saw some of the action he was looking for. On December 9, 1880, he writes from “Fort Macleod via Fort Benton, Montana, U.S.A.” and says:

“It is about a month since I have written to you or anyone, the reasons for which you shall know. About four weeks ago 25 of us were sent fully-armed and well-mounted to Fort Kill-Garry (Calgary), 150 miles from here northwards along the Rockies, where a tribe of indians (the Sarcee’s) were giving a good deal of trouble to the small garrison there (consisting of a sergeant and three men), threatening to sack the fort for provisions, also a Hudson’s Bay store, and an American trading post. The indians were almost starving so they were becoming desperate.”‘

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