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History: Billy Henry of the Open Range

Reprinted from the September 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

vintage photo of a man on horseback

Billy Henry of the Open Range
By Guy Weadick, High River, Alta.

‘The historic era of the open cattle ranges of the West with its cattlemen, cowboys, trail herds, wagon bosses, roundups, chuckwagons, cooks, horse wranglers, remudas and cavies have for years been the subject upon which fiction writers, motion picture producers, rodeo managements and radio singers have thrived…

Like a fragrant breeze from the nostalgic past, the memories of such individuals and outfits is indeed historical and interesting. When we have a man who has been identified with the livestock industry in one way or another for seventy years – from 1879 to 1949 to be exact – and one who is favored with a sense of keen observation and a clear retentive memory based upon a wide knowledge gained from practical personal experience in the open range cattle business, we have the basis for a valuable and interesting article.’

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