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History: Bunkhouse Philosophy

Reprinted from the November 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Bunkhouse Philosophy

Bunkhouse Philosophy (a monthly column)
By W.R. Cochrane, Cowley, Alta.

‘The old familiar expression that “the show must go on” might aptly be applied to the stock industry this fall as the folks engaged therein go about their multiple jobs of getting the feed up, the steers down the road to market and all the seasonable work on the ranch attended before winter sets in. This doesn’t leave them a great deal of time to worry over world events. The meat supply must be kept constant and it is to be hoped that people engaged in other callings will not lose sight of that quality, in the folks engaged in producing meat for the nation, which causes them to keep right on the job through good years and lean ones. They don’t need to be educated in preparedness as that is one of the lessons that they have in most cases learned the hard way.’

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