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History: Fred Walker of Twelve Mile

Reprinted from the October 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Fred Walker of 'Twelve Mile."

History: Fred Walker of Twelve Mile
By Sara Emerald Nelson, Manyberries, Alta.

‘One story, really “one for the books” when it comes to quoting the by-gone prices paid for cattle, is clearly imprinted in Fred Walker’s memory. This story entails quite a number of “firsts” – for it was staged at the first annual bull sale ever to be held in Calgary. That was in the year 1901 and Fred Walker, then about 26 years of age, was sent to Calgary in charge of a carload of show cattle.

Small wonder that Fred remembers this trip so well, for to him fell the honor of leading the first Shorthorn in to the show ring. Think of that… Calgary’s first bull sale and the first animal to be shown was a huge red named “Krueger”. Fred Walker still recalls even that, and of course he hasn’t forgotten who bought the animal either: it was John Turner of Calgary. And the price? Well, this is where the groaning begins when you glance back at the news item of the champion calf that brought $1.27 per pound in June 1949. Were talking of 1901 and that was a different story. Big red “Krueger” was knocked down for $100!”‘

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