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History: Grass conservation and land use

Reprinted from the December 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Grass conservation and land use

History: Grass conservation and land use
By J.B. Campbell, Dominion Experimental Station, Swift Current, Sask.

‘As an introduction to this talk on “Grass Conservation and Land Use,” I wish to quote the words of a Texas shepherd. He states: “Grass is what counts. It’s what saves us all – fas as we get saved. Men and towns and such as that don’t amount to a particular damn nohow. Grass does. Grass is what holds the earth together.”

There is no need for me to attempt to prove his statement, because the words are axiomatic. All too often the lack of grass has caused soil losses, movements of people from the settled communities and fire sales of investment capital. But whatever the results, the causes – at least insofar as they can be controlled – are improper use of land and insufficient grass, “that stuff that holds the earth together.”‘

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