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History: I Shall Never Be a Cowboy

Reprinted from the March 1947 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: I Shall Never Be a Cowboy

I Shall Never Be a Cowboy
By Thomas Ure Primrose, High River, Alta.

‘If one is born and raised in the great cowboy areas of the Canadian west, which is as true a cowboy land as there is in North America, it should be only natural that he will be a real cowboy. That is if he has been brought up on a ranch or even a farm in the Foothill district of Alberta or on the great Panhandle belt of Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. It should be the case but it is not.

I was born in the Panhandle-belt and have lived for some time in the Foothills district of Alberta; always I have been associated with real and synthetic cowboys and breathed the very air of corrals and stock-saddles. It should be in my blood and come instinctively but it isn’t. I just never will be a real cowboy!’

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