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History: Killers to Respect

Reprinted from the September 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

"Spy," a typical wolf dog.

Killers to Respect
J.H. Reid, Cardston, Alta.

‘No one could even approximate the number of reindeer, caribou, moose, buffalo, mountain sheep, elk and deer which have been destroyed by wolves in recent years in this enormous area, but the figures must be staggering.

That the wolves are moving south is in itself some proof that the northern game herds are dwindling. With the natural increase in wolf numbers, some two or three times that of big game, plus the wolves living on the game, plus the help of trappers, natives, hunters, adverse weather conditions which wolves can take better than the game, the figure representing the difference in numbers of game on the one hand and total wolves on the other must now be growing rapidly each year.’

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