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History: Shaunavon Tales

Reprinted from the December 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

History: Shaunavon Tales

History: Shaunavon Tales
By Hugo Maguire, Shaunavon, Sask.

1905: ‘The T-Down outfit had got through shipping a trainload of beef at Malta, Montana. They rode over town, parked their ponies at the hitchrack in front of Long Henry’s Saloon. They were enjoying the sight of the mirror behind the bar through the bottoms of the long schooners of that period when in the mirror a lady, who must have been forty years old at least, walking down the street appeared.

There was a big snorty black at the end of the line-up. She stepped up on to him. He gave one snort and turned it on. He just went out of one convulsion to another. She rode for three jumps and was thrown into the middle of the street. She got up, and walked off without looking back, highly embarrassed and hoping she had not been observed.’

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