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History: Some Memories of The Old “76”

Reprinted from the September 1949 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Walmark residence on the ranch at Piapot, Sask.

Some Memories of The Old “76”
By Mrs. S. E. Warren, Vauxhall, Alta.

‘”The Old 76″… the very name is suggestive of adventure. It echoes richly with that romance which always clings to what is definitely past. There are a few in the fast-thinning ranks of old timers who still remember it in all its greatness of thundering herds and vast open spaces.

Their voices still hold that note of warm respect and something of veneration when they speak of it. A few weeks I was talking to a man who as a lad lived in the Walsh district, and he spoke of the great herds of black cattle that often passed his homestead dwelling. These herds were so large that it often took hours for one herd to pass by.’

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